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Or we manage the development process for you.

Selected References

Predictive Maintenance for Logistics Centers

Digital Service

As Product Owner and Solution Architect, Matthias was responsible for developing a digital service to detect and predict machine failures and required maintenance for stagger cranes in logistic centers.

The Solution

Technically the solution was based on anomaly detection algorithms deployed as microservices in Kubernetes clusters. The software architecture was a hybrid cloud- and edge computing solution to balance fast computation in edge devices and aggregated data analytics in cloud services.

Key Words

SCRUM • Anomaly Detection • Machine Learning •  Industrial IoT • Logistics centers • Predictive Maintenance • AWS • Kubernetes • Team Leadership • Collaboration • Solution Architecture • Start-Up Collaboration • User Centricity • Project Culture

Make Industry Easy - Our Digital Service App

Digital Service

As a business owner we develop an online Service marketplace for CNC service for unplanned standstill, a service marketplace, and a service knowledge hub.

The Solution

Our app is an example for a razor-blade strategy. The unplanned standstill module gets users into the app, while a service marketplace drives in-app service sales and up-selling. Besides that a service knowledge hub serves as the knowledge backbone for a service technician fleet. Technically the solution is based on Flutter, Firebase Authentication, Python FastAPI, Docker, GitLab CI/CD, GCP CloudSQL, VertexAI, GCP App Engine, Knowledge Graphs, and Semantic Embeddings.

Key Words

Business Incubation • UX Research • Design Thinking • Customer Discovery • Knowledge Graph • Pricing Strategy • Go-To-Market Strategy • Business Model Development • SCRUM • Lean Start-Up • Full-Stack Development • Kubernetes • GCP • Flutter • Figma • Python FastAPI • GCP App Engine • GCP CloudSQL • GCP VertexAI • Semantic Embeddings

Spare Part Prediction Tool

Data Product

As Product Owner, Matthias was responsible for developing an Tool for forecasting the optimal phase-out of products to maximize revenue and to ensure a smooth phase-out.

The Solution

The solution connected the necessary data sources, provided the required information in dashboards to users, and included the forecasting models for predictions. Technically, it was based on SAP HANA, Python, Juypter Notebooks, Tableau, and many more.

Key Words

SCRUM • Data Analytics • Machine Learning •  Data Science • SAP HANA • Tableau • AWS • Team Leadership • Collaboration • Product Incubation • Innovation • User Centricity • Project Culture