UX Research & Product Incubation

From Ideas to MVPs within 2 Months

We move your idea to a real product development.


Problem Discovery

1. Idea & Scope

We sign your NDA, discuss your idea, you hand over the execution to us while retaining complete control.

2. Discovery Interviews / UX Research

We then use our expertise in UX Research and Customer Discovery to gather an in-depth understanding of what customers really need.

Product Foundation

3. Prototype & Validation

Now, we step into the solution space. We create Figma prototypes for the new product concept and test them with users.

4. Business Model

In addition, the prior understanding is concisely laid out in adequate business models that will serve as the foundation for future growth.


New Product Development

5. Pilot Customers

Ideally, the initial pilot clients will be discovered during the customer discovery process. This is a crucial first sign of a good product/market fit. 

6. Strategy

Finally, we provide a concise strategic suggestion that condenses our findings and results.