Training for Product Managers / Owners

Trainings by Dr. Matthias Herz


SCRUM & Agile Training

by Dr. Matthias Herz

Matthias is a certified SCRUM Product Owner. He has mastered the incubation of many product developments from the first idea to validated MVP's or to successful releases.

With his extensive experience, he knows exactly what SCRUM entails in practice and what key situations require mastery. His training emphasizes this experience with many examples.

Business Model Workshops

by Dr. Matthias Herz

As innovation manager, Matthias was responsible for the innovation portfolio of a segment at Siemens. Developing and validating business models was his daily work.

Since innovation is a team sport, he moderated numerous workshops with his key stakeholders.

In addition, as a founder, he successfully navigates his team on the journey through the unknown. He is happy to share this experience with other teams in his workshops.

Leadership for Product Managers

by Dr. Matthias Herz

Matthias has led many project teams as an innovation and product manager. Always without disciplinary leadership power. Therefore, he knows from daily practice what it means to lead with empathy and without hierarchical power.

His style of leadership is based on the principle of turning those affected into participants.

He therefore knows from experience what it means to live these leadership principles. Also and especially in heated situations and under great pressure to deliver.